Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Goals... Financial...

It took some thinking on how to best write this one without divulging to much information about us, but you may remember that last year we were determined to take control of our money we're still "living like no one else so we can live like no one else."  We're still going strong at that and plan to make even further headway in 2012. 

The thing we're getting most serious about is using cash.  We've got no card debt and we only use our debit cards, but sometimes we're still a little free with those.  After some searching around I didn't really see any envelope systems I was willing to shell out the cash for.  So I made my own :)  I used this tutorial to make envelopes and made one for everything we need.  I used scrapbook paper and double sided tape we already had so the cost was ZERO!

We've got one loan left to pay off besides my student loan and we've made plans to rid ourselves of that by June and double the savings we've got set aside.  I know this is different from what Dave suggest, but the Husband is self employed and we have to be prepared for if he were to be out sick or get hurt.  His work is extremely physical and more times than I care to admit it's dangerous.  If you work for just you and do what he does disability insurance is next to impossible to afford (and I can't add him on mine at work) so we want to beef up our savings for the "just in case."

The other goals have to do with the Husband's business - better filing system, how to make things easier come tax time, and things like that.  I'm really excited to see where we will be when 2013 rolls around! 

What are your money hopes and dreams for 2012?

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